Make your mark with Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government initiative that enables us to claim back the tax on your donation. For every £1 you give to ShelterBox, we can claim an extra 25p.

By ticking the box to register for Gift Aid, you can make your gift work 25% harder. You can make more of a mark on the lives of families dealing with disaster all over the world. This means:

  • More tents to protect families from the harsh elements.
  • More tools to help families rebuild their lives.
  • More solar lights to keep people safe.
  • More children’s activity packs to help children continue learning when schools have been destroyed.

Paying in by cheque or a bank transfer?

Register here. We’ll even upgrade your previous donations to Gift Aid donations.

    Gift Aid explained

    Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

    If you are a UK taxpayer, then you qualify for Gift Aid. Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you are paying tax on any of the following:

    • Personal or occupational pension.
    • Stocks and shares.
    • Bank and building society savings accounts.
    • Rental income.
    • Overseas and UK investment dividends.

    Is my donation eligible for Gift Aid?

    If your donation falls into any of the following categories, then donations should not be claimed:

    • Donations made by anyone that is not a UK taxpayer
    • Donations made on behalf of someone else or a group of people – For example, you collect money from your friends and family and then made a bulk donation. Even if they are UK taxpayers, the donation is not eligible. HMRC needs a Gift Aid declaration from each of the donors contributing to the collection.
    • Donations made in return for something – For example, you are making a donation in return for a ticket to attend an event, or a raffle ticket.
    • Donations made on behalf of a company – you can only make Gift Aid declarations on your own taxpayer status when spending your own money. However, the company can claim tax relief on the donation when donating directly to the charity.

    What happens if I am a higher-rate taxpayer?

    If you pay tax at a rate of 40% or above, you can claim the difference between the higher and basic rate on your donation. You can do this:

    • Through your Self Assessment tax return.
    • By asking HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to amend your tax code.

    Am I eligible for Gift Aid as a pensioner?

    If you pay tax on a private pension plan or savings account, or pay capital gains on the sale of property or shares, then you are eligible for Gift Aid as a pensioner.

    Can I Gift Aid if I don’t work but my partner does?

    If you have made joint or family donations and your partner pays tax then they can tick the Gift Aid box provided that the donation is paid either from your partner’s account or from a jointly held or named account.

    Am I committing myself to give regularly with Gift Aid?

    Registering for Gift Aid does not commit you to any future donations, but registering will cover any further gifts you may give.

    Can I claim Gift Aid on any previous donations?

    By registering for Gift Aid, ShelterBox can reclaim the tax on any donations you’ve made in the past four years as well as any future donations.

    What should I do if I move house, or change my name?

    If your circumstances change, please let us know so that we can keep your record up-to-date on our systems. Contact our donor support team on 01326 569782 or [email protected].

    How do I cancel my declaration?

    If you are no longer a UK taxpayer, then simply inform us in writing or over the telephone, and we will stop reclaiming tax on your donations immediately.